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2023-24 is our 20th anniversary!!! We offer:

  • Guaranteed entrance into Kindergarten for our preschool students

  • Free tuition for grades K-8; 50% discount for PreK3 families that qualify for School Readiness; VPK discount for PreK4 families; 50% discount for all employees

  • The first-ever Montessori accredited public school in the nation for ages 3-15

  • A variety of career employment opportunities for teachers, interns, assistant teachers, and administrators. Click here to apply!

  • The only Montessori accredited school in Polk County. We are accredited by the American Montessori Society.

  • The only Cognia-accredited Montessori school in Polk County.

  • Florida Department of Education “A” rated

  • Florida Department of Education designated “School of Excellence”

  • Florida Department of Education designated high-performing public charter school

  • Proven track record of student acceptance into Polk County High Schools of Choice such as Harrison School of the Arts, Bartow International Baccalaureate (IB), Central Florida Aerospace Academy, Summerlin Academy, Haines City IB

  • Our school is proud to serve as a residency site for MACTE-accredited Center for Guided Montessori Studies Montessori teacher certification for Early Childhood (age 3-6), Elementary I (age 6-9/grades 1-3), and Elementary II (age 9-12/grades 4-6).

  • Our lead teachers, in every classroom, have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Florida Department of Education teacher certification, and have certification training from MACTE-accredited teacher training centers, recognized by the United States Department of Education – for the age level they are teaching

  • Approximately 200 students aged 3 – 8th grade

  • Click here to register for a free tour or to apply for preschool and you will receive an automatic email to access our calendar and schedule a tour on a date that works for you! 

Rubric of Essential Montessori Elements (Lakeland Montessori Guiding Document)

Lakeland Montessori Schools Blueprint (Guiding Document)

We offer free tours!  During the tour, you will see our age 3 through grade 8 classrooms in action on our beautiful campus! There will also be a time for questions and answers to learn more about our dual-accredited public Montessori program. Tours are primarily for families interested in preschool yet all community members are welcome. Click here to register for a free tour and you will receive an automatic email to access our calendar and schedule a tour on a date that works for you! 

When parents are choosing a school for their child’s education, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “How do I know if the school I am visiting is a good school?” Full implementation of the high standards of an authentic Montessori education leads to unparalleled academic, social, and emotional outcomes for students. Partial implementation of Montessori standards is like playing a Jenga game – the more pieces you remove the less strong it is. Or like baking a cake – if you omit some of the ingredients, the cake doesn’t turn out well. If you are visiting a Montessori school that is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the American Montessori Society (AMS), or the International Montessori Council (IMC) – you can be assured that the school has fully implemented the Montessori system of education. If the school isn’t accredited by one of these organizations, another tool to help you determine if the school you are visiting has fully implemented the high standards of authentic Montessori education is the Rubric of Essential Montessori Elements.

In the words of Sara Wilson, the American Montessori Society’s Senior Director of School Accreditation in 2016, “It is my pleasure to acknowledge your success in becoming an American Montessori Society Accredited School. Your commitment to upholding the highest standards of Montessori Education and working toward continuous school improvement is to be commended. The AMS community joins me in congratulating you on what may have been at times, a challenging endeavor. We welcome Lakeland Montessori to our distinguished group of school members.”