Scope and Sequence
Ages 3-12

This curriculum guide is a simplified version of a comprehensive set of five curriculum guides developed by Tim Seldin, president of the Montessori Foundation. They were developed with an eye to national standards and curricular trends in the United States, with the goal of ensuring that all necessary skills and knowledge are covered by the practicing Montessori educator. Our school integrates the Florida Sunshine State Standards into the Montessori curriculum.

The following pages provide a brief overview of The Montessori core curriculum in the areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, sensory training, and practical life for students age 3 through the Upper Elementary level. Please keep in mind that this only represents an overview of the course of study, and is not meant to be complete. The Arts, Music and Physical Education also play an important part in the Montessori curriculum, and are interwoven throughout.