Volunteer Application & Guidelines

For the safety of our students, anyone entering our campus (both LMS and LMMS) past the reception area at any time during a school day (8am-3:15pm) must be an approved volunteer. This includes eating lunch with your child at LMS (age 3 through grade 6 only), Tuesday morning visits at LMS, volunteering during the school day at either campus, attending field trips, school events during the school day, etc.

To Become a Lakeland Montessori Approved Volunteer:

Lakeland Montessori believes that the school’s partnership with families is a key to student success and to the success of the overall program and will help determine to what degree performance standards will be attained. Active family participation is strongly encouraged. Enrollment is a parent/student cooperative choice, wherein parents/guardians contractually agree to be responsible for their child’s abiding by the rules and regulations applicable to attendance, classroom participation, and behavior. In order to be automatically re-enrolled for the next school year, parents will be required to fulfill the terms of a contract requiring a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service per year to the School, indicating the manner in which they will become involved in their children’s education and the school’s operations—such as school volunteers, mentoring programs, skills training, special events, and extra-curricular activities. This requirement is per family and can include grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.

Family involvement in school matters is possible at many levels. Parent volunteers are welcomed to participate in the daily life of the school and on various committees. We also invite parents to contribute their knowledge to our educational program through coming to the school to work with small groups for cooking, science experiments, gardening, sewing, and any other special skill you would like to share with the students.

There are three types of volunteers:

  1. At school when the students are present – This type requires you to be an approved volunteer.
  2. At the school while children are not present – These volunteers may be more comfortable helping the school with clerical work, yard work, gardening, etc. There will also be Saturday work days scheduled for those families that would like to help with school projects.
  3. At home helpers – Throughout the year help is needed for cutting, folding, sorting, calling, etc. These tasks can be done from home and still count toward meeting your parental volunteer requirement.

Many volunteer activities in the school are organized through official school emails that are posted with various items that we need help to complete. Classroom volunteering and take-home projects are also organized by the teachers, please contact the teacher personally via email in addition to checking their newsletters for volunteer opportunities.