Strategic Plan

Lakeland Montessori’s Strategic Plans are aligned with the documents that guide the operation of our school – the Essential Elements,  the Lakeland Montessori School Blueprint, and the American Montessori Society and Cognia accreditation standards.

During our American Montessori Society (AMS) and Cognia re-accreditation self-study process, our stakeholders worked together to create and adopt our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan. The three overarching goals are listed below.

Goal One: Lakeland Montessori will maintain a high-fidelity Montessori accredited program. Blueprint Reference Section 1.1

Goal Two: Lakeland Montessori will be a small school that strives to reflect the Polk County Public School system student population. Blueprint Reference Section 5

Goal Three: Lakeland Montessori will remain fiscally and operationally sustainable. Blueprint Reference Sections 4 & 7

At each summer board meeting, the Lakeland Montessori Governing Board hosts an all-day weekend meeting to conduct an annual assessment of school effectiveness. Summative results of state assessments, strategic planning objectives progress, and the current school status on the Essential Elements Rubric are analyzed and shared.