Secondary Program (Middle School)


Lakeland Montessori Middle School provides students with a holistic, developmentally responsive Montessori environment, which allows for individual expression and encourages growth into active, responsible participants in society.



Lakeland Montessori Middle School will:

  • inspire academic success through authentic Montessori and personally relevant education;
  • improve adolescent/community interaction through service-learning;
  • nurture student curiosity, creativity and efficacy by encouraging self-directed education; and 
  • focus on the student as a vital participant in his or her learning community.  


Core Values



LMMS incorporates a Service-learning component into the curriculum. This will allow students to serve the Lakeland community, and to learn from their experience.

Peace education

LMMS believes that teaching our students how to be peaceful within themselves and with others allows them to be stewards of their community. Peace education is woven throughout the entire curriculum.


Montessori education teaches students to be intrinsically motivated in their educational pursuits as well as self-aware of their needs. LMMS equips students with the methodology to become productive learners.


As an extension of peace education, LMMS strives for its students to understand and respect diversity in all of its forms.


The program expands on the skills introduced in the Upper Elementary program by including:

  • Hands-on learning

  • Diverse community of learners
  • A computer for every student
  • Greater choice of topic and approach
  • Social and leadership skills
  • Service-learning projects and student-run businesses
  • Multi-night overnight and extended-day intersession (field) trips integrated into cycles of learning